Blessings Boutique: Free Clothes for Kids in Homewood

The Salvation Army branch in Homewood-Brushton has recently launched the Blessings Boutique, which is available to children ages 5 to 18 and offering free jackets, pants, shirts, toiletries and other items. The organizers at the Salvation Army told KDKA that “clothing is important to a child’s self-confidence, especially at school.”

Photo: KDKA.

“Self-esteem is really important in our community, especially in children. Providing them new clothes instead of hand-me-downs or items from the thrift store. That’s what this boutique is to help the children in this community,” Erin Perry of the Salvation Army told KDKA.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, Blessings Boutique is open by appointment only. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call the Salvation Army Homewood-Brushton at 412-242-1434.

Click here to visit The Blessings Boutique for more information on how to make a donation.

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