Eco Map

Eco map

Eco Map Instructions

An eco map is a tool that will help you see your family strengths and weaknesses. It can be used as an aid in communication with your caseworker during home visits and support group meetings. Remember, communication is a two-way street, and who knows your family better than you?

In the circle, write the names of everyone who lives in your household. Start with yourself, then your spouse, then all other household members including your children, your kinship children and any other persons living there.

straight line

You will draw lines from each name to every box on the page. In the end it will look something like a spider web. If what is in the box is a strength for that person, draw a strong straight line from the name to the box.

wavy line

If it is a weak area, or could be better, draw a wavy line from the name to the box.                                                                    

broken line

If it is a broken area and needs to be fixed, draw a broken line from the name to the box.

Mary’s Eco Map

Child care is a weak area for Mary. Her two kinship children don’t have any certified caregivers so there’s a broken line for Raheem and Ginger, her kinship children and for Mary and Bob because they have to substitute caregiver for themselves.

Financial assistance is a strong area for everyone. Mary and Bob work, Raheem and Ginger get kinship stipends and Sally and Fred get allowances from their parents.

Entertainment and relaxation is weak, as Mary and Bob can’t go out because they don’t have certified caregivers for Raheem and Ginger. Raheem and Ginger are strangers to the neighborhood and have no friends yet, so their line is broken.

Community engagement is weak for Sally and Fred. They go to school daily, so they have some engagement, but they don’t participate in extracurricular activities and don’t belong to any teams or groups, so their lines are weak. Mary and Bob go to church and participate in the Usher’s Guild and the Outreach Committee, so their lines are strong.

Eco map completed.