A Second Chance Charitable Foundation

A Second Chance Charitable Foundation’s mission is to provide social services, programs and educational opportunities to children, families and providers involved in the child welfare system.


In 1999, A Second Chance Charitable Foundation was established to support the creation, enhancement, sustainability and growth of smaller social-service programs, as well as provide educational assistance to youth. The geographical location of support is focused primarily on organizations and youth located in or around the foundation’s community of Pittsburgh. Its activities are guided by a value for family, which is purposely inclusive of the entire kinship triad: the child/youth, kinship caregiver and birth family.


We view the triad within the context of community. The kinship triad thrives when programming and support services consider the influence and impact of the community.

We view the triad within a framework of cultural competency. The kinship triad thrives when all aspects of culture are addressed. This multidimensionality includes race, ethnicity, gen­der identification, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, etc.

We view the triad within the tenets of child welfare. We advance and maintain adherence to safety, well-being and permanency as a means of building triad resiliency.


  • Build partnerships between community stakeholders.
  • Seek out the voices of all stakeholders via forums such as advisory boards and evaluation.
  • Create opportunity, which is the optimal method for providing enhanced resources for the triad.
  • Tie funding to programming that is measurable through data and can be substantiated by out­comes.

Highlighted Work

  • Small scholarship awards to assist graduating seniors pursuing further education—college, vocational or other.
  • Educational trips to visit colleges, cultural events, etc.
  • Temporary loans to grassroots organizations to assist in their formation, as well as bridge financing.
  • Assist nonprofit organizations with one-time, small infrastruc­ture needs such as technology, HVAC needs, etc.
  • Modest donations to assist with successful fundraising.
  • Assist organizations with programming needs including music, sports, anti-violence, health and beauty, child care, etc.