The Rhonda D. Wright Family Center

Families are the way to strengthen the present and preserve a future for our children. This center is named for Rhonda D. Wright, sister of ASCI founder Dr. Sharon McDaniel. Rhonda’s love of family, service to others and commitment to A Second Chance, Inc., make this building more than a center—it is a symbol of strength and hope for the Pittsburgh community.

The upper level currently houses our Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department, as well as permanency staff and other Child and Family Services workers. These staff touch the kinship triad (child/youth, birth family and caregiver) each day by providing enrichment trainings and other services so families may thrive.  

Rhonda D. Wright
Rhonda D. Wright

The lower level is a place designed for families and the community to utilize. It continues to be developed and enhanced as a warm place for family visitations and other community-based family services. With a full kitchen, computer lab and recreation area, the center is a tangible symbol of the agency’s commitment to serving the community. 

The center has hosted baby showers, wedding receptions, holiday gatherings, birthday celebrations, repass gatherings and more.  We also continue to develop the center as an important location where families and the community can come together to discuss the subjects and events that are important to them.     

Rhonda was our family, our friend and our inspiration. She filled the halls of A Second Chance, Inc., with stability, joy and energy each day. We want the life of this center to reflect that stability, joy and energy as we continue improving our services for the children and families we serve and the community in which we do it.  

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Contact Information

8384 Frankstown Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221