Board Extensions

Six (6) months prior to a youth’s 18th birthday, a board extension must be initiated and approved for the youth/family to be paid.

  • Criteria for a board extension is if the youth is enrolled in school or has a job. 
  • These extensions are needed for youth 18-21 who wish to remain in care and meet the eligibility requirements set forth by DHS. 
  • Board extensions are good for six (6) months and must be re-submitted to DHS in order to avoid disturbance of stipend payments. If a board extension is not in place, the youth will be discharged from care and stipend payments will end. 
  • Your CUA worker is responsible for completing and submitting the paperwork to DHS, however we work in tandem to ensure it is submitted to continue care and payment. 
  • If the board extension has not been confirmed/approved by DHS before checks are cut, you will only be paid the funds provided by DHS until an approval or case closure is confirmed.

Click here for PA law concerning foster care after age 18.