About Kinship Insight Solutions, LLC

Kinship Insight Solutions, LLC (KIS) combines a value for family with industry expertise and innovation in kinship care to offer consulting and technical assistance services. From research and analysis through implementation and improvement, our programs, trainings and technical assistance have been serving government, private provider agencies and community groups since 1994.

Georgia is just one of our national clients.

With extensive experience in child welfare, public-private partnerships and nonprofit management—as well as working with diverse populations, and organizations in various stages of development and capability regarding kinship care—KIS offers data- and outcome-driven strategies and solutions. 

Our offerings include:

  • Improving kinship care practices for the entire triad: child, caregiver and birth parents.
  • Fostering kinship care outcomes for the entire triad.
  • Communicating and operationalizing the value of kinship care.
  • Best practices of kinship care.
  • Training and technical assistance for all aspects of kinship care programming.
  • Research and evaluation services for effective kinship care programming.
  • Leadership in kinship care.
ASCI trainer Lisa Vaughn-Thorpe

KIS provides technical assistance and consulting services to large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors, enabling them to successfully meet their stated objectives and performance goals regarding kinship care. Our clients include community-based organizations, and city, state and federal agencies.

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Our work demonstrates that when you empower families, you impact families. We also improve how institutions work with families through our dynamic models and tools, as well as a powerful and needed knowledge base. Kinship care is a deep commitment to quality education—at all levels.

For more information about Kinship Insight Solutions, please contact kinshipinsightsolutions@asecondchance-kinship.com.