Kin2You Values Training

Kinship care is you. Kinship care is me. Kinship care is we. 
Everyone has a connection to kinship care. 

Aim of This Curriculum

Child welfare rests on a commitment to the value of family and requires those working in the field to use their knowledge about kinship care to strengthen the relationships responsible for the safety, well-being and permanency of all children and youth.

This curriculum is intended to be part of either a pre-service or ongoing training within a child welfare organization. It builds upon A Second Chance, Inc.’s (ASCI) tenets of the role of kinship care in child welfare. Importantly, this values curriculum for kinship care provides a framework for professional deliberation and planning of what should occur in a kinship care model and program. 

Goals of This Curriculum

  • Prepare child welfare professionals for work in kinship care. This includes developing an awareness of the importance of valuing kinship care.
  • Assist child welfare professionals in recognizing how their own culture and family/kinship experiences impact practice.
  • Assist child welfare professionals in gaining the knowledge and perspective necessary to engage people from cultures, ethnic groups and family compositions different from their own.
  • Assist child welfare professionals in understanding the interface between social work and one’s personal beliefs about family, and making appropriate applications of each.