What is kinship care?

Kinship care, or family caring for family, is a natural, out-of-home placement option for children that successfully meets their need for safety, permanency and well-being. 


Better Outcomes for Children

Children in care have already experienced the trauma of being removed from their homes and families. Placing them with strangers only compounds that trauma. Placing them in the homes of relatives or fictive kin reduces the chance for further trauma, while at the same time maintains their connection to their communities and cultures.


A Value for Family

As the only agency in the country that exclusively delivers services to the entire kinship triad (child, caregiver and birth family), our approach is pure kinship. We provide strengths-based, trauma-informed, culturally competent kinship care services that support stability and continuity and maintain a child's cultural identity and contact with their birth family.


What Is Important to Us?

ASCI values diversity, equity and inclusion. We show our kinship families and birth families respect and help them maintain their dignity. We are honest and transparent. And we always consider the culture of those with whom we interact, responding sensitively and respectfully based on their beliefs, practices and needs.

How We Have Helped

ASCI has served approximately 31,000 children, 10,000 kinship caregivers and 30,000 birth parents since its founding.


70% of our children reach reunification within the first year of service.



98% of our youth graduate high school, compared to the national average of 50%.



42% of our children have closed to adoption.

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