Youth Transition Meetings

The practice and philosophy of the Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meeting is a mixture of practices that include aspects of Family Group Decision-Making, Family Finding and Youth Transition Conferences.  

The practice and philosophy of Youth Transition Meetings is a strengths-based, child-centered and culturally sensitive approach to working with children and family services in the child welfare system. We engage the identified child/youth aged 16-18, or over 18 if they are currently on board extension.  

Referrals and Acceptance: 

All youth regardless of their current placement, if involved with the Division of Children and Youth Services in Delaware, must have a Youth Transition Plan before he/she ages out of the system. The role of the CYS caseworker is to assess his or her caseload and determine the children who are ready for YTM referral. Immediately after ASCI receives the referral, the case is then assigned to a Youth Transition Coordinator within 24 hours. 

Planning and Coordination: 

Once the referral is received, the ASCI YTC has about 24-48 hours to contact the CYS liaison/family engagement specialist and service team to obtain any additional information pertinent to the youth and his/her family. Within 48-72 hours, the ASCI YTC will plan a face-to-face meeting with the youth, depending on the youth’s current placement setting, for further discussion on the process to go over the expectations and purpose of the referral.  

During this initial meeting (face-to-face) or (verbal) contact with the youth, the following will be assessed: how you will support yourself, where you will live, how you will take care of your health and/or who you will call if you need help. The youth’s participation during the development of this plan is very important. It will provide an opportunity to share their needs and goals and find out what options, programs, services and people are available to help them as they transition out of care. This plan is about their life; therefore, they are encouraged to speak up and ask questions. 


A pre-conference meeting will be planned and scheduled by the ASCI YTC, which involves all professionals involved in the case. It is recommended during this meeting for the CYS caseworker to come prepared with all relevant answers and documentation on the youth. This meeting should be scheduled at least one week prior to the Youth Transition Meeting.  

Areas to Address During the Youth Transition Meeting: 

After the YTM pre-conference is the actual Youth Transition Meeting, which includes the youth and his/her supports such as family, friends, teachers, counselors, spiritual leaders, mentors, coaches, etc. Areas of focus include but are not limited to: education, employment, finances, health, housing, stable and supportive relationships, etc. 


The ASCI Youth Transition Coordinator completes a 30-45-day follow-up with the youth and all key attendees from the Youth Transition Meeting. The ASCI YTC also completes a six-month follow-up to get an additional update on the youth’s progress/challenges. A written report of this follow-up summary is sent out to the CYS specialist and social work team within five business days of completion. 

For more information about Youth Transition Meetings, please contact: 

Tanesha Lively, 267-788-2100 or