CUA Compliance

After a kinship home is certified, ASCI’s Compliance department works with the resource parent (aka kinship caregiver) to maintain certification and later recertify the home, in coordination with a CUA (Community Umbrella Agency) worker, who is responsible for the child.

Typically, CUAs are assigned by region based on the mother’s location and choose an agency to recertify the home. ASCI is the No. 1 kinship provider among seven CUAs. Keeping a home in compliance requires formal stabilization meetings and joint home visits (both ASCI and CUA caseworkers) when the home is opened, as well as ASCI home visits once a month.

However, ASCI’s Compliance department goes above and beyond its contractual obligations, providing extensive case notes, planning for permanency and being on-call to support the family in an emergency. It even has a Special Services unit and works to recruit resource parents.

CUA compliance workers are responsible for maintaining the compliance of the kinship/foster home in regulation with 3700 and ensuring the resource parent is supported throughout the entire process. The CUA compliance worker also serves as a liaison between the resource home and the CUA worker.  

  • ASCI is responsible to ensure that the home remains in compliance with the 3700 regulations.  ASCI conduct monthly home visits and walkthroughs of the home to make sure all rules are being followed and to provide support to the family.
  • ASCI is responsible to certify and recertify the home in a timely fashion and maintain all client records.
  • ASCI workers complete monthly case notes documenting their visits and the progress made within the case.  The worker ensures continued safety and wellbeing of all children placed within the resource home.
  • ASCI worker will work in conjunction with the CUA worker to address any issues or concerns that arise throughout the case.

In the future, ASCI aims to expand its Compliance department by providing in-home specialized behavioral health (SBH) treatment; recruit resource parents for alternative respite placements and general housing for children; and analyze permanency data to help children and families overcome barriers to permanency, as well as reduce delays in achieving permanency.

CUA Compliance Report Schedule
ReportDate Due
Initial Safety Assessment  (ISA)w/in 24-48 hours of the placement being received by ASCI
Structure Case Notes (SCN)Monthly 
Resource Parent EvaluationCompleted yearly 3 months prior to the Recertification due date. 
Placement plan agreementw/in 24-48 hours of the placement being received by ASCI and yearly thereafter. 
*KC/FC Certification Due w/in 60 days of DHS placement date or prior to placement if traditional foster care.
*KC/FC  RecertificationDue annually, one year from the initial certification (approval) date.