Become a Respite or Resource Caregiver

We believe that all children have a right to be with their relatives, and we see this as ASCI’s moral imperative. Most families act as a safety net when their loved ones are in need or in a crisis. In child welfare, the best practice is to work with a child and their family to identify a family placement should the child require an out-of-their-own-home temporary placement.
There are times, however, for a variety of reasons, when this is not possible in the short-term. When this is the case, we believe in the most appropriate home-like settings for children. In partnership with our county DHS, we are reaching out to the larger community to join us in meeting the needs of children and families.
How can you help?
1. Become a Resource/Foster Home Provider.
2. Become a Respite Home Provider. 
3. Become a Family Mentoring Home. (Your family provides additional support to a family.) 

Child welfare identifies those who care for children while they are separated from their families as resource parents. This includes kinship and foster caregivers.

Respite caregivers provide caregivers with short-term services when temporary relief or absence is needed or when trying to locate a long-term placement.

County Call for Foster Parents

We support both Allegheny and Philadelphia counties in their larger mission of securing traditional foster homes for children not yet placed with relatives. When relatives are not immediately known, we support the commitment of due diligence in finding kin.

If you are interested in supporting the county in this work, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Populations in Need of Foster Parents

  • Children ages 0-12
  • Siblings
  • Teens
  • Teen moms and their babies
  • LGBTQIA2S+ children
  • Children with behavioral issues
  • Spanish-speaking children

Being a Respite Caregiver

Being a respite caregiver means opening your home to a child for a short period of time. It does NOT mean you must become a foster parent! Respite was designed to help foster families by providing mental, physical and emotional breaks when needed, as well as for short-term care following the emergency removal of a child until a proper placement is found. Respite caregivers make a difference by empowering families and keeping children on track to permanent homes!


  • Over the age of 21.
  • Has completed a medical physical and tuberculosis test.
  • Has received child abuse, criminal and FBI clearances.
  • Has completed a home inspection.
  • Has been trained for certification as mandated by Child Protective Services.

Contact Us for More Information on Fostering

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