Caseworker Responsibilities

When you become a kinship caregiver who agrees to participate in the foster care home study process, your family will be assigned a caseworker from A Second Chance, Inc. The ASCI caseworker is your primary contact person at our agency. It is the caseworker’s responsibility to coordinate services for the kinship child in your home to ensure their needs are met. Some of the caseworker’s duties concerning you and your kinship child include:

  • Visiting you at a minimum of twice each month. 
  • Obtaining and sharing information with you about the child’s background, health and educational history.
  • Collecting information from you and others about the child’s adjustment in your home, ongoing medical care and school adjustment.
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the day-to-day care the child receives, as well as the quality of the environment in which he or she resides.
  • Planning and arranging special services needed for the child with a CYF caseworker. 
  • Coordinating visitation arrangements for the child and birth family.
  • Helping the child to understand the reason(s) for the separation from his or her birth family. 
  • Helping the child to adjust to your home and maintain a relationship with the birth family.
  • Helping with the reunification process (between the child and birth family), as well as helping you to assist the child in this process.

It is important that you and your ASCI caseworker establish a cooperative working relationship in which you can freely exchange information and ideas about the child. If you disagree with something the caseworker has requested of you, we urge you to openly and calmly discuss those matters with them to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

If you find you are unable to reach an agreeable solution, we ask that you consider requesting a meeting with your caseworker and his or her supervisor to solve the issue. If this discussion fails to correct the problem, you may then request a meeting with the director and/or vice president of the department.