A Second Chance, Inc., is an affiliate of SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network) and provides services to children and families who are moving toward permanency goals. The services provided to children and families include child profiles, family profiles, adoption finalization, child preparation and post-permanency services. When these services are referred from the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, dedicated ASCI staff work to ensure services are timely and the information provided is as accurate as possible.


Child Profile

A child profile is a comprehensive summary of a child’s life history. It provides detail from the child’s birth up to current history including medical information, placement history, birth family information, education and current permanency goal. Child profiles are referred for children who have been in care for six months or longer and are available to youth after they turn 18 years old. This is a 90-day service.

Family Profile

A family profile, which is also referred to as a home study, is completed once a family has been identified as a permanency resource either through PLC (permanent legal custodianship) or adoption. A comprehensive history of the family is gathered and includes family history, employment history, background checks, character references and information related to why the family wants to pursue permanency. This service is 120 days.

Adoption Finalization

Adoption finalization services are utilized by families who are in the last step of the adoption process. This service monitors the adoptive family and child until the adoption is finalized. The permanency worker completes monthly home visits and ensures that the adoption attorney is selected and has all necessary documents. This service lasts up to six months but can be shorter or longer depending on the finalization date.

Child Preparation

Child preparation services help the child process reasons that may have led to their placement in foster or kinship care and allows them to gather some of their family history, answer their questions, and receive closure in some areas of their life. This service can be referred multiple times, lasts six months and results with the child receiving a lifebook.

Post Permanency

Post-permanency services are offered to Pennsylvania families to ensure they are provided the support they need for the long term to encourage a positive, lifelong experience for both adoption and foster care programs. This service is offered to all families who have adopted or who have provided permanent legal custodianship to any child, regardless if they have adopted through the child welfare system or private adoption agencies. Three services offered post-permanency include respite, case advocacy and support groups. Families are self-referred by calling the SWAN Hotline at 800-585-7926.