New Family Safety App Offers Parental Controls Across Devices

With kids spending most of their time at home during COVID-19, parents and caregivers should check out the newest way to monitor their kids’ screen time and what they access online with the new Microsoft Family Safety app! According to TechCrunch, the new app—available for iOS and Android—helps parents “set limits and create screen time schedules, configure boundaries around web access and track family members’ location, among other things.”

Like similar apps, Family Safety gives parents an activity log to show how their kids use their screen time, tracking the hours they spend on devices (Windows computers, phones and Xbox), websites and apps. It also tracks what kids search for online. Parents can additionally set it so they have to approve online purchases and accept or deny content they think is too mature or inappropriate.

To learn the ins and outs of the Family Safety app, as well as its pros and cons, check out the full rundown from TechCrunch!

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