Daddy and Daughter Duo Sing “I Love My Black So Much”

Daniel and Dakota Johnson stunned former first lady Michelle Obama and the world by singing a beautiful duet with the powerful words “I love my Black so much, so much, so much. We are strong, and we are powerful,” as shared on her Instagram page.

Daniel discovered that Michelle Obama shared his video with the world through a phone call from the TODAY Show. “Oh my God. Are you serious? I am gonna pull this car over and scream,” he told them.

Dakota is a full-time musician, but took a break to focus on teaching Dakota, 5, about music. Dakota had difficulties talking, but through music, she gained a sense of stability and confidence with her words.

“We got her evaluated and they couldn’t tell us nothing. She just couldn’t talk. She would just mumble her words. So, we had to find a way to communicate with her, and at around 1 [year old], I introduced the piano to her. She would just sing melodies to us, and that is how she would prefer to communicate with us than talking,” he described.

The songs that Daniel and Dakota share on their Instagram page have an inspirational message. They teach children and adults to love and accept themselves for exactly who they are.

“I was teased a lot growing up for having darker skin, so I never wanted my kids to go through that,” he told the TODAY Show. “So what I do is what I wanted for myself. I empower her by singing to her about her being beautiful and her skin being beautiful, so even when I am not here and when she gets old—because this type of thing stays with you for the rest of your life—she will remember it. I try to teach her to love herself even when dad is not around. I want my daughters to know that they are beautiful no matter what,” he continued.

The beautiful story of Daniel and Dakota Johnson teaches us all an amazing story. The Johnson’s teach us to continue to love ourselves no matter what may come against us. They teach us to love ourselves for who we are, and to say, “I love my Black so much!” They bring empowerment and love to everyone who comes across their videos. Thank you, Daniel and Dakota, for sharing your gift with the world!

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