Family Adopts Five Siblings Who Were Separated in Foster Care

Andi and Thomas Bonura were advised not to have more children, but they wanted a big family, so they decided to become licensed foster parents. They now have three biological children and adopted five siblings who were separated while in foster care, according to CBS.

Their now 2-year-old Bryson became a part of the Bonura family after leaving the NICU. “We didn’t think we would have him forever or anything. We were there to love him for now. But we found out he had siblings,” Andi says.

The Bonura family met Bryson’s siblings, who were put into separate foster homes. When Andi Bonura learned this, she asked if she could foster some of the siblings as was approved.

“We had already been meeting with the twins, who are now 8, and we just loved them. They were constantly asking when they were going to move into our house,” she says. “We still weren’t thinking we were going to have them forever. We were just happy they were together,” she said.

Shortly after, the Bonuras found out that all five children would be put up for adoption. 

Soon, the couple began fostering and starting the adoption process of all five siblings. The adoption was finalized this past May over the Zoom app due to the Coronavirus. Their neighbors organized a car parade to celebrate the Bonura family and their new additions while socially distancing.

Andi Bonura told CBS News that the adoption process is an “emotionally challenging experience,” but “bringing these kids into a happy, safe home and giving these kids another opportunity,” is fulfilling. She gives credit to other women, saying, “The only reason I made it through all of this is because of the other foster moms and the support we have for each other. Honestly, I’m nothing special. If anything, it’s the other moms who encouraged me.”

Bonura says that people can still help foster kids by supporting the families who foster. “These kids are just the most beautiful, amazing kids and it’s not their fault. None of this is their fault,” she says. “So, I just hope maybe more people will see the beauty in this and maybe find a way to get involved, even if it’s just support, or being a babysitter for a foster mom, or anything.”

At ASCI, we believe that all children have the right to thrive! We commend the Bonura family for helping these children maintain their sibling bonds and giving them a happy, healthy life, and we hope the best for their futures!

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