Mom Learns Her Adopted Children Are Biological Siblings

Katie Page became a mother by fostering to adopt. What she didn’t know is that she was reuniting biological siblings Grayson and Hannah!

Motherly: Katie Page with her children, Hannah and Grayson.

In 2016, Page began fostering a newborn boy who was left at a local hospital. After a while, she named him Grayson and adopted him 11 months later. Page received a call about a baby girl who needed an emergency placement two weeks after the adoption. She told Motherly that her heart told her to say “yes,” and that “yes” let a miracle into her life.

“I adopted Grayson on the 25th of May at 11 months old,” Page told Motherly. “Then Hannah was born June 2nd, so this is less than two weeks after all that.”

Page realized that the babies had similar features, but because Grayson was left at the hospital, the paperwork did not say if the babies were related, but more clues drove Page to believe that they were. In 2018, she got a DNA test, which proved that Grayson and Hannah were biological and legal siblings when Page adopted Hannah.

“I took Hannah and had no idea how I was going to take care of her. I’m like, ‘I don’t even know how I’m going to figure this out,’ but it worked out,” Page told Motherly.

Soon, Page was graced with another foster child to add to her loving home.

She hopes more people realize that single people can foster children and even foster to adopt. Page told Motherly that early in her journey, she had many people question if she was even allowed to, and she was happy to explain that yes, single parents (or would-be parents) can be foster parents. There are so many children in the United States who need foster care.

Motherly notes, “While certain groups (like LGBTQ+ people) have had to fight for the right to foster children, Page wants people to try, no matter their marital status, sexual orientation or religion. People didn’t believe that a single woman could create a family for foster kids, but this mama shows any loving parent can.”

The Page family is flourishing as Katie frequently updates on her blog and Instagram.

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