2-Year-Old in Foster Care Gets Virtual Adoption Hearing and Parade

Two-year-old Isla Moody was finally adopted by her family in Jacksonville, Florida, after being in foster care for 700 days. By following social-distancing guidelines, the Moodys were able to have a virtual adoption hearing, which was celebrated with a beautiful parade from their local community.

Cayela and Evan Moody told CBS News that they submitted the adoption paperwork before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, but due to state regulations, courts could not continue with the adoption hearings.

After six weeks, the courts reopened and Isla’s adoption hearing was scheduled for the following week on Zoom. That day, Isla became an official member of the family she’s been with since she was seven days old. 

Due to Evan being in the military, the Moodys do not have family who lives close to them. Instead, with the help of a foster care community in which Cayela is involved called Fostering Hope, other foster families and community members, the parade continued!

Cayela told CBS News, “I thought we would plan a party to thank everyone who loved her after social distancing restrictions were limited, but, I also knew that they truly wanted to be a part of the day.”

Community members made festive decorations for their cars, including balloons and banners, driving past the Moodys’ house to celebrate with Isla. “We were blown away at how this group has loved us so well along our journey!” Cayela said. 

After celebrating Isla’s adoption, the Fostering Hope community helped other foster kids in their area who needed support. “We delivered two dozen ‘Bags of Hope’ to local foster families and prepared over 100 freezer meals to be delivered. So, we celebrated, and then we hit the ground running!” Cayela said. 

Moody says that May is Foster Care Awareness Month, and she wants to remind everyone that “foster children need people that are willing to raise their hands and say, ‘I can be forever.'”

To read more about the Moodys’ story, visit CBS News.

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