Generations United Announces New Racial Equity Initiative & Toolkits for Grandfamilies of Color

ASCI is excited to be a part of Generations United and the National Indian Child Welfare Association‘s (NICWA) three-year racial equity initiative, Grand Voices: Elevating and Strengthening African American and Native American Grandfamilies. This project—funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation—will work to improve culturally appropriate supports and services for African American and Native American grandfamilies. Further, this program will give voice to grandfamilies, their perspectives and expertise to influence and inform policy, research and practice, while making their needs more visible in the press.

According to its website, Generations United will “recruit and prepare family caregivers to join our GRAND Voices network, a proven group of family caregiver advocates who educate, represent and testify about their grandfamily situation” and engage them in:

  • Raising awareness with federal and state policy makers and tribal leaders.
  • Elevating visibility in the press of the valuable role and need for supportive services for the families.
  • Community-based projects to improve local supports and services for grandfamilies.
  • Creation of toolkits and other resources for organizations serving African American and Native American grandfamilies.
  • Development of an action agenda to promote evidence-based practices for serving the families.

As part of this initiative, the GRAND Voices Caregiver Network recently released two new toolkits for working with African American, American Indian and Alaska Native grandfamilies:

These resources are designed to help organizations working with African American, American Indian and Alaska Native grandfamilies and provide practical tools to encourage culturally appropriate services in order to elevate and build on family and cultural strengths.  

During the discussion with Generations United and NICWA, ASCI’s President and CEO Dr. Sharon McDaniel shared her perspective of racial equity. Check it out now!

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