ASCI Works with the Department of Aging to Provide Support for Grandfamilies

Allegheny County Department of Human Services and A Second Chance, Inc. launched a Grandfamilies stipend program from April 28 – June 30, 2023. This program assisted in providing caregivers outside of the child welfare system with much-needed resources. This type of strategy is consistent with an upstream approach that we learned works in marginalized communities during a crisis such as COVID-19. Early and effective tangible support will aid in kin families being diverted from the child welfare system and provide the necessary community pathways to support informal caregivers long-term. 

Through the Grandfamilies stipend program, 901 families were able to receive a one-time stipend of $1,000 to aid in addressing the immediate needs of their families. As the report will show, many of the caregivers are on a fixed income and most eligible caregivers were representative of the following demographics:

  • Biological Grandparents
  • Black/African American
  • 60 years of age or over
  • Not Married
  • Renting
Click here to access the full reports.
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of A Second Chance, Inc.

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