Mom Celebrates Black Historical Figures with Nursery Rhymes Book

This new nursery rhymes book was written to honor Black role models including entrepreneurs, historical figures and millionaires. Rhymes of the Times: Black Nursery Rhymes was written by Mrs. Audrey Muhammad, a former high school teacher. She educates about African American icons through nursery rhymes, including Queen N’Zinga, Garrett Morgan, former President Barack Obama and many more. This book helps express Black pride.

“Growing up I struggled to appreciate my hair and my history. My hair always appeared too “nappy” and Black history was too negative in my view,” Audrey Muhammad told Black News. The first nursery rhyme Muhammad wrote, entitled Pretty Little Black Girl, encourages little Black girls to love their hair.

After she wrote this poem, she created a significant body of nursery rhymes that she’d read to her own daughter, now 18 years old.

“The nursery rhymes impacted me in that they helped me to appreciate the way I look and my heritage,” Hasana Muhammad shared with Black News. “The rhyme ‘Pretty Little Black Girl’ taught me to appreciate myself. The book taught me about other important figures who were inventors and pioneers. It teaches things like how Garrett Morgan invented the gas mask and the stoplight. In the public school system, we don’t learn much on black history, and when we do, it’s all slavery.”

Just as Black Panther provided an invigorating and majestic image of African American culture, Audrey’s hope is that Rhymes of the Times will give children a new view about Black people. Included in the book are lively pictures that harmonize with the musical rhymes, which makes them fun to read aloud.

Audrey wants Rhymes of the Times to become a staple in households around the world. The book can be purchased today, and for all orders made before February 7, a free 2021 calendar is included!

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