Brace Lowe, Sr., BSW

Chief Operating Officer

Pittsburgh Corporate Office: (412) 342-0600

Brace Lowe, Sr. currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Child and Family Services and System Engagement, which is the arm of the National Engagement for A Second Chance Inc. In this role, he has the responsibility of ensuring permanence, safety, well-being and compliance both internal and external to the organization. He and his staff are also responsible for connecting with the external public around issues germane to the growth and development of the kinship triad. 

Mr. Lowe has been employed in the child welfare arena for over 30 years. His prior work experience includes positions as caseworker, supervisor, Director of TECD, Sr. Executive Vice President of Child and Family Services, Program Master Director for Vision Quest, as well as Youth Counselor for Allegheny County Shuman Detention Center. Mr. Lowe’s wealth of experience and leadership has propelled him into one of the organization’s most charismatic and influential leaders.

Over 15 years ago, Mr. Lowe developed an initiative called Camp C.O.P.E.S. (Children Optimizing Personal Experience through Sports) which is designed to give youth in kinship care the opportunity to develop teamwork, relationships, work ethic and competitive awareness skills. The camp serves as positive distraction for children who face real life challenges every day. Camp C.O.P.E.S. works with the agency Transitional Living program which serves as positive redirection for youth who are seeking the opportunity to further their education, work ethic and overall knowledge of independence.

Presently, Mr. Lowe serves as President and CEO of Lift Empowerment, LLC, which is an organization designed to help children in care and the community. As well as, providing advocacy against racial oppression and social injustice. Mr. Lowe’s vision for the future is to counsel and provide mentoring services for all student athletes both high-school and college. Additionally, the organization will focus on empowering black youth to thrive within their communities.

Mr. Lowe was selected as one of Western Pennsylvania’s 50 Men of Excellence and was responsible for heading the Young Men & Boys Symposium in 2015. He serves as a board member and the 2nd Vice President for the Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW). BACW is an advocacy, membership, research, training and technical assistance organization. Registered as a 501C3, BACW was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1975 in New York to respond to the need for culturally appropriate services to the overrepresented African American children and families, and to provide a support network for individuals serving as executives managing child welfare and other human service agencies. Mr. Lowe also serves as Vice President for the African American Strategic Partnership. AASP’s vision is to play an active role in correcting disproportionality in child welfare, education, and other deep end systems where equality is achieved through the skill and experiences of African American organizations.

As a passionate, compassionate and skillful advocate for children and community improvement, Mr. Lowe continues to share his vision of a brighter future for children and families, through the promotion of leadership development, speaking engagements, conferences, trainings, publications and coalition building.