Tiffany Byrd, MSW

Interim Executive Vice President

Philadelphia Regional Office: (267) 702-2848

Tiffany Byrd is the Interim Executive Vice President of the Philadelphia Regional Office of A Second Chance, Inc. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA prior to moving to West Virginia to study social work at the illustrious West Virginia State University. Tiffany is the oldest of nine siblings and values family and the kinship triad. As a child primarily raised by her elderly grandmother, she views and respects the invaluable contributions of kin and the ways they contribute to the lives of our children and youth.

Tiffany’s career includes over nine years of experience working in Child Welfare, LGBTQ+ Advocacy, and Permanency. Prior to joining ASCI in 2017, she worked as a Permanency Coordinator for a nonprofit organization. Tiffany possesses 6+ years of leadership and nonprofit management experience. She is the Delaware Valley Legal Fund 2023 Community Heroes Award recipient. Tiffany believes that with passion, all things are possible.

Tiffany sits of the board of two organizations, Philadelphia Family Pride and A Promise of Hope. She possesses a Master of Social Work degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Tiffany has one son and with the help of her siblings, she offers low-income housing to Philadelphia residents. Tiffany believes in the mission, vision, and values of ASCI. One of her favorite quotes is: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963.