Toni Wagner, MA

Sr. Managing Director, Child and Family Services

Pittsburgh Corporate Office : (412) 342-0654

Toni Wagner has worked in social services since 1993. She has provided help to families who have children up to age 21 and has also worked with more mature families, aged 60 and over. Toni has held various positions, including those working with children who have child welfare and juvenile justice involvement, as well as families who work with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging on behalf of their loved ones.

In previous positions, Wagner provided direct care to families and has also held several management positions throughout her career. She is willing to help in all areas when needed, so youth and families thrive.

Toni received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the Lincoln University and a master’s degree from Carlow University, where she studied professional leadership and development with a concentration in nonprofit management.

She believes that every family has strengths and wants the best for their loved ones, and with a little help, can overcome all obstacles they may face. Wagner knows that if you’re looking for an expert on a family you’re working with, you must look to the family, as they know themselves best.

In her current position, Wagner is leading the organization through the process of becoming accredited through the Council of Accreditation and is also helping the agency continue its growth from being evidence-informed to evidence-based in our unique and innovative service models.