Yolanda Jones

Executive Assistant, Family Service Transportation

Pittsburgh Corporate Office: (412) 342-0676

Yolanda Jones is a seasoned executive assistant with over 10 years in the field, joining ASCI for a second time in 2017.  She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling and correspondence. Having held various positions in the business field, Jones is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of our widely diverse clientele. She has increased competence in several of her assigned roles and is very effective at teaching new trainees.

As an executive assistant, Jones has developed many employees and assisted with several staff retreats. Jones interacts directly with potential and existing clients and has enhanced client satisfaction during her time with the agency.

Jones is committed to the mission and vison of ASCI; it gives her great joy to service children and families, and she is honored to call ASCI home.