Angelique Rodgers, MPA

Managing Director of Human Relations

Pittsburgh Corporate Office: (412) 342-0663

Angelique Rodgers is the Managing Director of Human Relations at A Second Chance, Inc., who provides oversight, guidance, and direction to all facets of the Corporate Human Relations Department.  

Previously, Angelique served as ASCI’s Sr. Director of Communications, Content and Systems Engagement where she helped to develop and oversee organizational content and communications strategy for strategic internal and external communications establishing ASCI as a national thought leader in kinship care.  

As a dedicated nonprofit professional, Angelique believes in the power of mission to transform communities through advocacy and systemic policy change, impactful storytelling, and equity in nonprofit leadership administration, and has dedicated her life to the advocacy and empowerment of our most vulnerable populations. 

Along with her sister, Angelique co-founded a nonprofit while in high school called Our Father’s Daughters, which supports young Black women and girls to reach their fullest potentials through mentorship, and has been leading the organization and its programs for almost a decade. With her academic and experiential background in business management and nonprofits, she is a thoughtful and engaging leader who brings many voices to the table to work towards a mission that she deeply cares about, and she uses both research, community expertise, and collaboration in developing her program and its leadership. 
Angelique attributes her passion for serving people, and desire to see communities thrive to working with her family in ministry her entire life. She is the proud mother of two with her loving husband. 
Angelique holds a Master of Public Administration in public and nonprofit management from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a certificate of business management from Duquesne University.