What’s Up Cuz Podcast Episode: Fabulous, Financially Fit and Debt Free in 2023

Many of us are clueless as to how we spend our money and are addicted to instant gratification. Truth is, so much so, that we are willing to live paycheck to paycheck. This episode examines our financial fitness with featured guest, Dr. Howard Slaughter, Jr., a renowned financial expert from Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. David Alan Brock and Dr. Sharon McDaniel take their listeners on a journey toward gaining and maintaining financial health through a series of questions with Dr. Slaughter to get them to examine the way in which they view, spend, save, honor, or dishonor their financial resources.

Dr. Slaughter provides practical tips to teach everyone from the novice to the savviest fiscal manager how to be “set free, by being debt free.” Listen and learn as they discuss this critical life issue. Dr. Slaughter desires that we all have the ability to live in the fullness of our lives by being fabulous and financially fit. So, sit back, relax, enjoy the conversation, and “dare to dare” to become debt free in 2023! What’s Up Cuz? educates its listeners in non-traditional ways with the hope of being impactful for sustainable change. Regardless of your situation, leaning into today’s podcast will not only make you better but will also help you to become the best version of yourself along the way. Come on, listen in, and learn together during this What’s Up Cuz episode?

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