The NEEDS Grant Program Can Benefit PA Nonprofits

The following information was provided by United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Nonprofit Economic Emergency Delivery System (NEEDS) Grant Program is being introduced in the PA House and Senate. This legislation would establish a statewide competitive grant program for eligible community-based human-services nonprofits such as childcare centers, domestic violence centers, early intervention service providers, food banks, alternative education providers, organizations serving individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and much more, that were impacted by the pandemic crisis either by closure, increased service delivery or loss of revenue.

Eighty percent of nonprofit revenue comes from government grants or contracts and fees for service. Donors, foundations and government all depend on these organizations to provide basic needs to the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians. If these organizations fail, there would not be a way to provide critical services such as food, shelter, medical treatment, workforce training, etc.

COVID-19 has exacerbated many social issues that were prevalent before the pandemic. The number of families and individuals who are impacted by this crisis rises daily. We must meet that need and create more capacity in this sector, not less. The increased demand for services already seen across the Commonwealth is clear evidence that we need to protect our over 8,500 nonprofit human-services orgs now or risk forsaking our most vulnerable populations and contributing to further unemployment during one of the most challenging times in our country’s history.

Under the bill, $200 million in the COVID-19 Response Restricted Account would be transferred to the Commonwealth Financing Authority to provide grants to these nonprofit organizations. The maximum grants allowed will not exceed $500,000 per eligible nonprofit organization.

Linked below is information about how to contact House and Senate members to ask that they join Senator Ward and Representative Mahilek as co-sponsors.

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  • Do you only do Pennsylvania do for the PA program on my was wondering because I have a friend of mine that’s incarcerated be sick most of the time is there Illinois

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