Summer Programs: Keeping Young People Engaged

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep young people engaged in positive summer programs and activities so they can move forward after losing learning opportunities throughout the past year. 

Summer Programs

Please suggest summer programming to the young people in your life.

Now is the time to plan for summer!

Things to remember:
  1. Talk to the school first. Check with a school counselor or social worker about school-sponsored summer programs for students of any age. 
  2. Get credit recovery programs approved. Schools must approve summer credit recovery programs before students take a course. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted. Checking in with school first is necessary.
  3. Search for summer camps. You can search for summer camps, child care and after-school programs here: or
  4. Need help paying for summer camps? If a student is involved with CYF, talk to a caseworker about funding. Human-services professionals can consider applying for funding through the Allegheny County Music Festival Fund.
  5. Talk to students about summer employment. Students ages 14-21 can earn money and work experience in the Learn & Earn program.

If you have any questions, contact or call 412-918-9206.

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