RECAP: 5th Annual Red Hat Healthy Heart Luncheon & Symposium

The 5th Annual Rhonda D. Wright Red Hat Healthy Heart Luncheon & Symposium was held on Saturday, February 12. Despite COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, the event was filled with information and fun, and we had an overwhelming positive response!

Opening the event was community favorite Roland Ford of Dance and Be Fit. Roland used upbeat songs and showed us unique workout skills that get blood flowing through the body. Roland made sure to be energetic and keep things fun so everyone at home felt included and engaged during his segments!

Throughout the symposium, winners of multiple drawings received gift cards ranging from $20 to the grand prize of $200!

Keynote Speaker

Special keynote speaker Susan Koeppen, a woman who was once clinically dead for seven minutes, details her experience surviving a heart attack.

She shared that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in America and ended her segment by educating guests on signs of a stroke:

  • Weakness in face, arms and legs
  • Confusion
  • Trouble seeing and walking
  • Severe headache

In order to get help and reduce the likelihood of heart disease, Koeppen said we must take our blood pressure and pay attention to the numbers.

We must take action by not smoking, eating healthy and getting regular exercise.

Honoring Christine Watkins, an ASCI Treasure

On Sept 16, 2020, Grandma’s Hands leader Christine Watkins sadly passed away. To honor her legacy and the mark she left on ASCI and the community, her devoted husband of 60+ years Reeve Watkins shared what his late wife truly meant to him and this agency.
And ASCI Managing Director of FACE and organizer of the event Dr. David Brock added, “She may be gone and have received her reward, but she is not forgotten.”

Rachel Brecht shared a very informative presentation about her story of surviving heart disease. She left participants with these important reminders:

  • Your health belongs to you and not your doctor.
  • Advocate for yourself relentlessly.
  • Listen to your body; it nudges you to act.
  • If anyone tells you that you have a heart murmur, ask for an echocardiogram.

In closing, ASCI President and CEO Dr. Sharon McDaniel shared a beautiful message to everyone who had a part in making the the 5th Annual Rhonda D. Wright Red Hat Healthy Heart Luncheon & Symposium a success!

Watch the full event now!

RHHHL Planning Committee Members

Donna Giddens, Melanie Murray, Dr. Chris White-Taylor, Latoya Reed, Stacy Johnson, Taylor McDaniel, Dr. Sharon McDaniel, Phil Fulmore, Moriah Love, Shamena Thomas, Kelli Thomas, Dr. David Brock, Angelique Rodgers, Doreen Thomas and Toni Wagner, as well as ASCI’s General Services and Communications divisions.

If you’d like to donate to ASCI to assist with next year’s event, please visit our donation page!

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