Minnesota Boy Raises Funds to Feed 225 Health Care Workers

One night during bedtime, 5-year-old Eli Svensk told his father James that he wanted to help health care workers. James decided to create a fundraising page to buy meals from a local restaurant to give to health care workers at the Maple Grove Hospital in Minnesota.

“Every night we’ve been praying about the virus and praying for the doctors and nurses,” James said.

Together, the Svensks raised enough money to feed 225 frontline health care workers!

“We’re pretty sure they were smiling. We couldn’t see the smiles because of the masks but we’re pretty sure they were smiling,” said Eli.

WCCO reports that in only a few weeks, the fundraiser garnered nearly $3,000, and the proceeds filled 225 bellies, not just with the offering but with the love and support of the child behind them.

“Sometimes love shows up in 225 paper bag meals. Sometimes, that’s enough to make all the difference,” says WCCO.

Eli and his dad hope others will do the same for hospitals and care centers in their neighborhoods.

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