Melanin Mommies Pgh, Inc. Creates Safe Space for Black Mothers

Latrice “Phoenix” Rose started Melanin Mommies Pgh, Inc. in 2014 as an online support group for expecting African American mothers. Her goal for Melanin Mommies Pgh, Inc. was to create a space for black mothers to build a village of support for one another.

Too often, African American mothers and children succumb to violence within the community—leaving families broken.

MMPI offers several services for moms in need:


Through mentorship, they connect mothers to resources such as parental mental health and counseling services, professional development, financial education and more. Through individual mentoring relationships and connections, these young women become confident in their futures and more confident in what they can offer their children.


The #BlackBabiesDoSwimPGH teaches black children how to swim in order to combat the stigma that black kids do not swim or don’t know how to swim.

Black Mothers Mental Health Cohort

This new virtual support group is dedicated to black mothers and children affected by gun violence.

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Melanin Mommies Pgh

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