Legislation Will Help Foster and Homeless Youth Graduate High School

The Fostering Graduation Success for Vulnerable Students Legislation was created to help foster and homeless youth graduate high school. This sponsored bill is aimed to “remove roadblocks for impacted children by designating a point person to review past transcripts and provide the support needed to aid student graduation,” the Center Square shares.

It is known that homeless children or those in foster care experience more challenges due to continuously changing schools. Some schools may or may not honor credits earned, depending on what school a child attends.

“Research shows that roughly half of the students in foster or juvenile systems don’t graduate on time – if at all,” Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr.  said in a news release. “Young men and women with these difficulties would be better poised to succeed in school and beyond with the passage of our bill.”

The bill has moved to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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