Future Kings Mentoring Is Recruiting Black Youth

Future Kings Mentoring was created to change the mindset of young Black males today. It is a new after-school program that improves self-confidence, financial literacy, professional development and much more for Pittsburgh students.

Mentor helps Black youth with schoolwork.

There is a need to understand and challenge the systemic opposition Black youth face academically, socially and environmentally. Future Kings Mentoring understands the power of mentorship to effectively aid maturity and create a positive mindset in young males. In addition to mentorship, they offer students in the program bi-weekly forums for focused and free-flowing conversation.

The program’s mission is “to cultivate and develop male-identifying black youth into realizing they are Future Kings—young successful leaders in their careers, in their communities, and in their worlds.” Through their mentoring sessions, forums, field trips and other community-based activities, young men in the program will grow personally and professionally while also becoming financially literate.

If you know a Pittsburgh youth who would benefit from this program, encourage them to apply now!

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