Couple Adopts 5-Year-Old Boy and Has the “Best Christmas Ever”

Exactly one year after Michaela and Dave Robbins began fostering Noah, they tell Pittsburgh’s KDKA that this was the “best Christmas ever.” The Robbins brought 5-year-old Noah into their home in 2019 and virtually adopted him around Christmas 2020, after COVID-19 held up adoptions for families across the country.

“Noah has a rare orthopedic condition that affects his joints and his spine but not his spirit,” KDKA says. “In fact, he inspires people everywhere he goes. He is well-known throughout his Lawrenceville neighborhood, and Michaela and Dave say he spreads joy to everyone.”

“By the time Noah was adopted, he was in foster care for 1,300 days,” Michaela told KDKA’s Kym Gable. “So there was a ton of people in Pittsburgh who stepped up and followed his story and really contributed to raising a really joyful kid.” Michaela shares that when he was adopted, the judge called him “Noah Robbins,” which brought tears to her eyes.

Dave and Michaela were volunteering at the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh when they fell in love with Noah and brought him home. The Robbins shared a video of the adoption hearing with KDKA and explained that a dog named Lucky was also adopted in their household. Noah insisted Lucky be adopted with him.

“He kept telling us that best friends get adopted together,” Michaela told KDKA. “We’ve had a really magical journey finding Noah. It took us a long time to find him. But man, was he worth the wait.”

The community is rallying around the family as they raise funds for a new wheelchair-accessible van for Noah. If you would like to contribute, visit the family’s GoFundMe page!

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