Couple Adopts 3 Brothers to Keep Them Together

Here at ASCI, we love hearing about folks who see the importance of keeping siblings together, like these Massachusetts moms. KC and Lena Currie got married five years ago and sought adoption to complete their family. The couple initially adopted 4-year-old Joey, but soon received calls that his brothers needed a home, too. Siblings placed in foster care often get separated, but the Curries were set on raising these siblings together.

“It was our gut-feeling,” KC says. “We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us. When they’re older and have questions, they’ll have each other to lean on and experience that ride together.”

KC and Lena Currie with Joey, Logan and Noah (Photo: GMA)

KC and Lena look forward to having family dance parties, celebrating the holidays and watching their three sons grow up together. It’s the first year and first holiday where it’s all permanent and true,” Lena says.

Veronica Listerud, Director of Adoption and Family Services at Children’s Friend, told GMA, “It’s what you want to see happen. They’re a wonderful family. They’re flexible—they really understand the kids’ needs, the importance of maintaining sibling relationships and the long-term impact of that.”

Photo: GMA

Families like the Curries are needed because they are willing to do what it takes to keep siblings connected, and their hope is that other families will look into adoption, too.

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