Celebrating Rosa Parks Day

Did you know that there are two celebrations of Rosa Parks each year? This first day of commemoration is celebrated on the date of her birth, February 4. The second Rosa Parks Day is observed on December 1, the anniversary of the date of her quiet rebellion and arrest.

It is important to learn about the strides Rosa Parks took in order for equality to reign throughout the nation. Please see how you and your family can celebrate her today and other days.

Learn about Rosa Parks

Take the time to learn more about her life story. You can read books, watch documentaries or movies, and listen to podcasts that speak about her life and advocacy.


Volunteer with local organizations that are centered around social justice and human rights. This is a great way to honor the legacy of Rosa Parks and give back to your community.


Donate to a charity that is focused on civil rights or share resources to help aid their principles. Every form of donation counts.

Organize an Event

Organize an event to honor her legacy. Invite speakers, plan activities for youth and use the opportunity to educate everyone about her achievements.

Spread the Word

Continue to get the word out about Rosa Parks’ story with your family and friends. Talk about it on social media to help spread the word about her amazing life. Her impact can cause others to move for change even today!

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