Big Homie Lil Homie Gets a Huge Surprise!

Tiffany Haddish, guest host of The Ellen Show, surprised Jamal Stroud, owner and founder of Big Homie Lil Homie. His mentorship program serves over 225 at-risk boys in his community. Both he and Tiffany were in the foster care system. However, Stroud uses his experience to give back to the youth in his neighborhood. In this clip, they talk about the dedication of his work. To help his organization, Shutterfly gave him an unforgettable gift! Check it out now!

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One thought on “Big Homie Lil Homie Gets a Huge Surprise!

  • I couldn’t be more of the BHLH organization or know of a more deserving organization for such a blessing. The mentors are not just that-they are family; support not just the children with mentorship, but the mothers as well. The founder, Jamal Stroud, has always said, “when one wins, we all win.” Knowing that all these kids have such great role models to look up to, will give them tools to become happy, healthy, productive men of society-despite their social and economic background.

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