ASCI and Bible Way Church Hosts Mental Health Conference

When: May 11, 2024

Time: 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. EST

Location: 717 N. Homewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

$10.00 per ticket. Register now!

Join us for a transformative experience at the ASCI and Bible Way Church Community Mental Health Conference!

We’re excited to announce an upcoming event that aims to foster mental well-being and strengthen our bonds. ASCI and Bible Way Church are teaming up to host a Community Mental Health Conference that promises to be a source of inspiration, support, and knowledge.

Why Attend? This conference is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to come together, learn, and contribute to the mental health conversation in our community. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Expert Speakers: Gain insights from mental health professionals and experts who will share their knowledge and practical tips.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Participate in engaging workshops designed to equip you with valuable tools for managing stress, anxiety, and improving overall mental well-being.
  3. Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to mental health awareness and support within our community.

In a world that often moves too fast, taking the time to prioritize mental health is essential. Join ASCI and Bible Way Church in creating a space for learning, sharing, and supporting one another. Reserve your spot now, and let’s build a healthier, more connected community together!

We look forward to seeing you there! Register now!

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