A Connection to Family: Passing Down Recipes to Your Loved Ones

Eating is one thing all humans do. Family meals have been a symbol throughout the generations of sharing, nurturing and loving one another. Collecting and passing down recipes is an amazing way to immortalize your loved ones.

Traditions from the past are what make each family who they are. Recipes allow you to create meals that are meaningful to you, but they can also inspire you to add your own flavor and style. Family ties are bonds that stand the test of time. Preserving family recipes is another way of honoring your heritage so future generations can continue to strengthen and build on those ties. 

Parents and kinship caregivers can present cooking as an activity to do with children, building bonds that will last a lifetime. As youth grow, they can create their own recipes for their favorite meals. These recipes can also help youth stay rooted in their own cultural ancestry. Maintaining family recipes is more than a regular habit. It helps all of us maintain a sense of connection to our ancestors and to the people that shape our lives.

ASCI Child and Family Services Supervisor Kennice Hudson is no stranger to family recipes. From learning how to make soul food from her mother to creating her own recipes, Kennice has a family cookbook of recipes up her sleeve!

Check out her recipe and instructions for fried green tomatoes in the below video, so you can make it with your family tonight! And don’t forget to start passing down recipes to YOUR loved ones!

If you would like some fruits and veggies from our community garden, contact Toni Wagner at or 412-780-0546.

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  • I would love to help with people sharing recipes and I am prepared to give away some of OurRecipeTrees to allow people to share their recipes and food memories. I would be happy to teach you how to use them.

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