4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Family

Christmas is usually a time during the year when families spend the most time together. There is an emphasis on sharing gifts and sitting around the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa! Here are 4 ways for your family to get extra cozy during Christmas!

Build a Gingerbread House or Decorate Cookies

This activity is friendly for most ages! You can either work alone to see who makes the best designs or work in groups to encourage creativity!

Check Out the Lights!

Gather your family and friends to find the best Christmas light displays! Then, have a conversation afterward about the different sightings.

Sing some Christmas Tunes

Everyone can get together and sing their favorite Christmas Carols or have a karaoke session singing all the holiday jams!

Donate Your Time

Oftentimes, many people don’t have family to celebrate the holidays with. So, donating your time at a shelter or a soup kitchen to give to those in need.

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