• Kinship Cares

    A comprehensive kinship care curriculum for direct-service workers and caregivers. As the only agency in the country that exclusively delivers services to the entire kinship triad (child, caregiver, and birth parents) – its approach is pure kinship.
  • The Rhonda D. Wright
    Family Center

    Welcome to a place where families are respected, enriched and engaged. We believe that when families thrive, so does the community.
  • Stepping Into

    An effective approach to transition children out of congregate care to either reunify with their families or be placed with kin.
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  • Want to know about preparing and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid?!?! Join us for a "FAFSA" evening on Wednesday, February 15th, at 6:30pm...
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  • Training timetables, support group schedules and other resources for kinship caregivers.
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  • The child, the caregiver and the birth family- a triad-centric approach is used in all of our kinship care programming.
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  • Pittsburgh native, Sharon L. McDaniel has “beaten the odds” and from an early age of being forced into a foster care system, is now a nationally known expert, successful business entrepreneur and pioneer and advocate for Kinship Care. She is the founder, President and CEO of A Second Chance, Inc. She is the author of "On My Way Home – A Memoir of Kinship, Grace, and Hope". Her memoir underscores the purpose of Kinship Care – empowering families to save the lives of their children. >>Click below to learn more and to purchase the book or CD.
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  • As we seek to move our children to safe and thriving, we have initiated our new Child Well-being Transportation and Visitation Plan.

    This plan not only moves families to provide transportation, but also reduces the trauma felt by all members of the triad, strengthens family ties, and propels the family into healthy self sufficiency.

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  • Collaborating with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, we have created a specialized approach using our nationally recognized kinship care model.
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