Video Teaches the ABCs of Black History

This children’s video teaches the ABCs of black history, highlighting an important event, person or place with each letter, such as Africa, the Greensboro Four and Zora Neale Hurston. The informative video inspires parents and children to learn more about black history beyond February by teaching all families how they can affirm the existence and humanity of black lives throughout the year.

It is critical that parents show their children that African-American citizens have contributed more than forced labor to U.S. history. All children—black children, in particular—deserve the opportunity to examine black publications, art, innovations, customs and much more that helped shape the culture of the United States—and the world. Check out the ABCs of Black History Month below!

All children should engage in lessons that showcase black people whose narratives aren’t always influenced by oppression and struggle. African-Americans created technologies we use today. African-Americans built the very foundation of the United States. African-Americans are revolutionaries. Show your children that black people throughout American history, and throughout world history, have always had a significant impact on society. Black history isn’t a tragedy; there are countless victories. Teaching and learning about black history can and should be a celebration.

Remember, black history IS American history.

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