Police Officer and Wife Adopt 4-Year-Old Girl

While on duty, an Arizona police officer got to know a little girl in need of placement and has now given her a forever home! Brian Zach, lieutenant of the Kingman Police Department, and his wife Cierra officially became parents to Kaila, a 4-year-old abuse survivor.

In 2018, Brian and his officers got a call to check Kaila’s residence. Brian spent that night bonding with Kaila. “We colored, we snacked… she held my hand and she was just this cute little thing,” Brian told Good Morning America. “Once detectives came, they picked her up and took her to the hospital.” Kaila was treated for multiple injuries as a result of physical abuse.

After spending hours at the hospital, Brian told his wife he wanted Kaila to live with them. He told GMA that Child Protective Services couldn’t find immediate placement for Kaila, so he and Cierra stepped in.

“She came with a sippy cup, a bag of clothes that didn’t fit her and that was it,” he said. “Within the second day she was calling my wife ‘mom’ or ‘mommy,'” he added. “I was ‘guy’ for a week or two and then when she started preschool she learned who dad was,” he continued.

After 30 months in their care, the Zachs have officially adopted Kaila!

“We lived each week not knowing if she was going to go back to her biological parents, or how long we were going to keep her,” Brian said. “Our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened.”

Kingman Police Department’s chief of police Rusty Cooper told GMA, “Lt. Brian Zach’s commitment to public safety is exemplified in his commitment and love for Kaila. Both Brian and his wife Cierra are amazing parents.” He continued, “They are committed to the service of others and a cause that is greater than themselves. We are proud of Brian and thankful that he and his family are part of the Kingman Police Department.”

Brian said Kaila enjoys preschool, animals, dancing and make-believe play when going on “cruise vacations” in her cardboard box. “She is so comical, she is so witty,” he added. “She’s just a character.”

Brian’s message to families who are considering adoption is to not be afraid of the process because it’s “well worth it.”

Thank you, Zach family, for making a difference in Kaila’s life!

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