Local Libraries Host Black History Month Events

February is dedicated to a month-long observation highlighting the accomplishments of African-Americans and their crucial impact on history and culture. While ASCI believes black history is American history and should be included in education and conversation every month of every year, we should all take advantage of the dedicated educational opportunities offered this month. For example, the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh are hosting free Black History Month events for families and youth of all ages.

A snapshot of offerings from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

The Free Library of Philadelphia is hosting poetry slams, screenings of black movies and an African drum workshop, and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is offering a musical performance, Teen Time and Black History Month button- and sticker-making, just to mention a few of their events. Their event calendars show the full scope of Black History Month offerings. These free and open spaces provide youth a safe haven to learn about black history while having fun!

We encourage families of all races to participate in educational activities surrounding black history and culture. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to save the world.” Let’s continue to educate our children and communities about African-Americans’ robust legacy and significant historical milestones, as their struggle against institutionalized racism continues today.

Contact your local library to learn about events happening near you. Happy Black History Month!

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