Easy Ways to Celebrate National Child Health Day

National Child Health Day is meant to empower children to make better choices that will have a positive impact on their health. They are the future of today and helping them build healthy habits during their childhood will have life-long effects. 

Being healthy doesn’t always have to be boring! Here’s how adults can present health to children in a positive light by making it relatable and important for them.

Healthy Foods Teach Healthy Eating Habits

Show children how awesome healthy food can be! Introduce them to fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Ask children to describe what they see by focusing on the color of the fruits and vegetables, then explain how each color contributes to our health.

Next, let children touch and inspect the raw fruit. Associate the texture with health benefits. Kids Connect shares that parents should “tell them that fruits and vegetables are firm, shiny, or juicy because they hold vitamins inside them that help us beat diseases.” You can also compare the need for fresh food with video games by linking need to gain points, gathering powerful resources, and becoming stronger than their opponents. Your next point would be that humans need the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables to become stronger, gain superpowers (antibodies) that will help us beat the enemies that come into our body (diseases). 

Lastly, have your children discuss what they’ve learned about the importance of healthy foods!

Raise Awareness About Physical Activities

Ask children what they activities they love to do. This can be football, tennis, running, dancing, hula hooping and so much more. After choosing, let your children play until they’re tired.

Then, Kids Connect says to call the children into a circle and explain to them the physiological changes they’re experiencing at that moment (sweating, faster heartbeat, muscle twitch, etc) and how those processes make them healthier.  

Spend the Day in Nature and Learn Fresh Air

Having fresh air is a crucial factor in children’s health. Children are spending their childhood behind closed doors more than ever before, meaning they aren’t getting the time outside necessary to their health. 

So, to raise awareness about the health benefits of nature, you can visit local forests or lakes, take a walk in a national park and so much more. While on your visit, discuss biodiversity and our responsibility in preserving the planet Earth’s resources.

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