10-Year-Old Collects Bags for Children in Foster Care

Ten-year-old Curvin Coxen collected book bags, duffel bags and suitcases to York County Children and Youth Services in order to help children in foster care!

“It makes me feel good inside. I get to help other kids that need a little bit more love,” Curvin told 21 News.

A little bit more love is exactly what Curvin is giving youth in need.

“Something as simple as a suitcase or a bag can really make a difference in their lives,” said Tanya Stauffer with York County CYS.

Curvin carrying book bags

Tanya noted that transitioning between homes can be extremely traumatizing for youth. After hearing stories about children being removed from their families with all their belongings in trash bags, he wanted to make a difference.

“It’s heart tugging to know what these kids are going through. If we can bring them any positivity or make them smile a little bit,” says Curvin’s mom, Devon Brogan.

During the pandemic, Curvin has collected 100 bags to give to children in the foster care system at York County CYS and vows to continue. “When you have a youngster that is willing to put others first, it really means a lot,” Tanya told 21 News.

“Wanting to help kids that were his own age is really, really amazing,” said Jess Slenker with Christ America Baptist Church, where Curvin attends religious service and got the idea of giving back.

Curvin hopes to begin collecting another 100 bags for another county of his choice. “It’s not just York that needs help. It’s everywhere,” he says. At ASCI, we know how difficult the challenges of moving from home to home can be for our youth. Thank you, Curvin, for making that transition a bit easier for foster youth!

If you are interested in helping Curvin, check out his Facebook page.

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