What’s Up Cuz Podcast Episode: Breaking the Silence

Welcome to another episode the What’s Up Cuz podcast, hosted by Dr. Sharon McDaniel and Dr. David Brock. This podcast is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering dialogue within the African American community. Today’s podcast will discuss two critical issues: domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (PIV).

Join us as we delve into the deep complexities of today’s topic, providing a platform for open and honest conversation with our special guest Tré Shelton Through this insightful interview, expert advice, and personal stories, we aim to shed light on the realities of DV and PIV, and the impact they have on individuals, families, and communities.

Tré Skelton, a CYF IPV Specialist, brings his wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion to this episode topic. Together Dr. McDaniel, Dr. Brock and their guest explore the various forms of abuse, the patterns and warning signs to look out for, and the long-lasting effects on survivors.

But this podcast is not just about highlighting the problems – it’s about finding solutions. We discuss strategies for prevention, intervention, and support, offering resources and guidance for those affected by DV and PIV. Our hope is to empower survivors and equip listeners with the tools to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Through the What’s Up Cuz podcast, we strive to create a community of support, empathy, and action. Each episode is an opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge the societal norms that perpetuate violence. We believe that by amplifying voices, sharing stories, and engaging in meaningful dialogue, we can contribute to a safer and more compassionate world.

So, join us on this journey as we navigate the complexities of DV and PIV, and work together to create lasting change. Tune in to the What’s Up Cuz podcast and let’s make a difference, because everyone deserves a life free from violence.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of A Second Chance, Inc.

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