Ways to Celebrate Irish-American Heritage Month

America notoriously celebrates St. Patrick’s Day even bigger than any other country! Here are some options to celebrate Irish-American heritage month with your family.

1. Relax and Watch a Movie

Kid-friendly movies include The Luck of the Irish, The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns or A Shine of Rainbows! These movies share a common theme of love and luck! While P.S. I Love You and Leap Year are romantic comedies based in Ireland. If you like to watch documentaries on Ireland, watch The Pipe, Paradiso, or The Irish Pub.

2. Read Books about Ireland

The Columbia Mom shares that books such as Finn McCool and the Great Fish, The Magic Treehouse and O’Sullivan Stew are good picture book options for younger readers. Young Adult/Middle School readers may be keen to Pirate Queen, The New Policeman, A Swift Pure Cry or Angela’s Ashes.

3. Make Arts and Crafts

Sewing, collages, and fingerpainting are fun ways to teach your children about Irish American heritage. There are tons of options provided by Irish American Mom

4. Try a Real Irish Recipe as a Family

Meals such as Irish Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, Irish Brown Bread and Eve’s Pudding are yummy cuisine that comprise a scrumptious collection of tasty meals that are budget friendly and perfect for celebrating Irish heritage with friends and family. Check out The Irish American Mom for a list of recipes.

5. Learn a Few Irish Words

Learning a few Irish words may be tricky, but it doesn’t get much more Irish than that. Plus, it’s keeping alive a rare language that was once outlawed! Check Learn Irish’s YouTube video to learn some fun Irish words and sayings!

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