National Adoption Day in Pittsburgh with ASCI

On November 23, ASCI celebrated National Adoption Day in Pittsburgh, which was full of balloon animals, caricatures and even guest appearances from Ariel the mermaid and Elsa from “Frozen!” Twenty-eight of our children have found forever homes, and the courthouse was filled with tears of joy.

“My favorite part of National Adoption Day was seeing a little boy get off of the elevator shouting ‘I’m being adopted today!’ It was a good day,” says Celeste Banks, Permanency Supervisor II

We received a grant to be able to provide family photos, wrist bands and certificates to the children and families who achieved adoption. In addition, the families were able to add their words of testimonial to leaves placed on a tree that grew throughout the day to signify the heartfelt sentiments of the moment.

“National Adoption Day was magical. It was so nice to celebrate all of the families who achieved permanency,” says Stacee Shannon, Caseworker I

This day was an amazing experience for our staff and all the families who were in attendance. Children’s faces gleamed at the realization that they now have forever homes. Adoptive parents had a sense of empowerment knowing that they made a positive impact on a child’s life. Caseworkers were ecstatic seeing their families reach a new level in their lives. With all that we do, it’s amazing to see so many happy endings.  

“My favorite part of National Adoption day was seeing the tears of joy, and smiles of joy, and the feeling of joy that surrounded each family and child as they achieved their forever homes,” says L’Tesha Gamble-Pettis, Senior Director of SWAN.

Joy. That’s what this day was all about. It was more than just a regular day at court. Parents got children. Children got families. Families became complete. There was a sense of connection and peace linked to this special day.

Thank you to all families who celebrated National Adoption Day with A Second Chance, Inc. Our hope is that you continue to thrive and do great things with your forever family!

All photos are posted with permission.

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